Sleep Centre & Advice

Check out the range of useful tips and advice compiled by The Mattress Shop covering topics from how to get a good night's sleep to caring for your mattress.

Adults Sleep
Getting the restful sleep you need, the foundation for great sleep, what your bed means to you, reclaiming your bed for sleep, how sleep debt can cost you, what the right amount of sleep is, how to measure how much sleep you truly need, some useful tips for a good night's sleep, and when to call your doctor.

Child Sleep
Establishing healthy sleep routines in children, the two alternating types/states of sleep, helping your newborn develop good sleep habits, sleep tips for newborns, helping your infant develop good sleep habits, sleep tips for infants, helping your school-age children sleep well, recognising when your child is over scheduled, and sleep tips for school-age children.

Mattress Care
Things to do (and what not to do) when setting up your new Sealy including how to carry your mattress, disposal of mattresses, and keeping your mattress clean and dry.

Shopping Tips
The Mattress Shop is always here to help, but it's best to learn how to come prepared, how to be smart in store, know the four basic comfort levels when you test, questions to ask about the mattress, and the four things that factor into coils.

Sleep Kit
Helpful information about shopping for a bed: request the Sealy Sleep Wellness Booklet and The Mattress Shop will post a copy to you.

Sleep Tips
10 tips for better sleep, including establishing a regular bedtime, exercising regularly, avoiding nicotine and other stimulants, and developing a sleep ritual.

Learn more about the innovative features that go into a Sealy Posturepedic mattress, including Titanium alloy support systems, ComfortCore layers, LiftRight handles, and DuraFlex foundations.

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